To Thrive.

Alright, my first official blog post. The pressure’s on šŸ˜‰ ha. So I was road tripping back home today and was pondering what I wanted to share starting out. Given some of the recent events that have occurred over the last few days and months, I would like to talk briefly about money, that’s right honey! haha. (PS – I really like this quote, “Never Get So Busy Making a Living, That You Forget to Make a Life!”)

LIVE:These last few months have been crazy busy (and expensive)! Definitely life changing to say the least :) Not every day you get married to your very best friend who happens to live in another state! :) With that came a lot of life changes. I moved to Colorado, left my previous employer and friends, and am starting a brand new adventure in life! Not to mention, my husband and I had three wedding receptions in three different states ….. you think I’m crazy, I know. It was my idea haha šŸ˜‰ … and went on a two week vacation – one week outside the US and another week in the US! Definitely a good time, but we have been very busy! Over the last few months we were also moving my belongings from various states, road tripping with a U-haul, and dealing with some major vehicle repair issues! We also had our dryer break which needed to be replaced in addition to some other major unforeseen expenses.


Wedding Invitations For Days!



Wedding Day! :)



Wedding Reception x 3! :)


LEARN: Given all of the events that have taken place over these last few months, I’ve learned quite a bit. I’ve learned that weddings can be expensive! (hello, right? ha) Trying to budget for one of the biggest days/times in your life was hard, really hard! But that’s what my husband and I did. I continue to learn, and re-learn, that budgets are key and prioritizing what’s a want and whats a need is crucial. Does that mean I’m perfect at it? I try, but no, I am continually learning and improving. I also learned that moving personal belongings from various states adds up fast! Especially when I have to fill up a vehicle with premium gas (Ouch! but I love my baby! haha). I’m grateful my parents taught me the concept of saving, as well as paying tithing, because sometimes the most unexpected things happen! If you would have asked me a year ago today if I would be married and relocated to Colorado, well, I may have thought you were crazy :) haha jk. But for reals, I’ve learned that life happens everyday, and sometimes a WHOLE lotta life happens and we have to be prepared for it as best we can! Financially prepared! Take that as you may, but I think even in regards to a natural disaster, relief, retirement, rainy day… I just know that with so much of my life, as well as my husband’s life, transitioning and changing this is something that I have learned a lot about. I appreciate this life lesson and reminder to be prepared!

Enjoying life :)

Enjoying life :)


Roadtrips. Lots and lots of road trips :) And life lessons along the way!

Roadtrips. Lots and lots of road trips :) And life lessons along the way!


BECOME: Ok, so what does all this mean to me? To you?! What’s the point right? Well, with these life changes I’ve had and as I am getting older … well, hopefully not too old šŸ˜‰ ha…. I am self adopting this motto: “I want to thrive! Not just survive.” How many of us are living paycheck to paycheck? Why is that?! Before you know it all your money is gone, bills, bills, and more bills! (Thank you, Destiny’s Child haha). That’s stressful! And to put it simply, no fun. No fun at all. Seriously though, I know we all go through ups and downs in this life, we all have different challenges, but personally for me I am determined that my finances will not be one of them. I feel very blessed in my life, and for that I am continually grateful. Does that mean I don’t work hard or worry about the “now” and the “future?!” No, of course not. No matter if my husband and I were earning $40,000 a year or $500,000+ a year, everyone needs a budget of some sort, in some way. I think we all want to live comfortable lives, one of the life lessons my parents taught me is to live within your means however, to budget responsibly, and to work hard, invest, and save! And to pay tithing of course :) While I’m starting a new job in my professional field, I’m also supplementing income part time, and my husband is working full time as well. I am so excited because we are working towards our personal and financial goals, towards financial freedom now and in the years ahead! Hard work pays off andĀ  I’m so excited to be living the American dream, to have that opportunity, to learn to save and be prepared for the expected, as well as the unexpected! I want to live life to the fullest and give back to others! By thriving my husband and I will be able to do just that! :) For that, I am grateful! Today’s lesson learned? BECOME A THRIVER, NOT JUST A SURVIVOR :)

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