Planning for You ;)

LIVE: So for those who know me, I tend to keep a very busy schedule. Mostly because I’m a planner and I like to plan out my day, hours, tasks. Yep, I’m one of those people ūüėČ haha. But for reals, sometimes I can plan myself silly with things to do! Anyone else ever feel like that? Between church, the gym, work, cleaning, errands, social events, hobbies… life can definitely be FULL – and I think that’s the fun of it all :) At the same time though, sometimes the days/weeks go by so fast and you wonder what happened? How am I¬†(??) years old all of a sudden right ūüėČ Am I doing the things I want to be doing each day, week, month? Sometimes you push through and life can be hard, but I think ultimately we are here experiencing life to be HAPPY and to have fun :) Learning lessons, growing, and taking small, sometimes big, steps along our paths of life.

LEARN: So a lesson that my husband has recently taught me is that within that daily/weekly planning, that I need to take time for me. Selfish? Maybe, but maybe not. Yes, I love to work out and all of that, and I enjoy keep busy and being productive. But, I’m learning that I haven’t spent as much time doing the hobbies that I love like, for example, drawing! Think about it, what are your hobbies?! What do you like to do for fun if you didn’t have any commitments, if money wasn’t a concern, if you had all the time in the world what would you do with it!? Well, I can think of a lot of things I would do, but in some of those minutes during the week what my husband has taught me is that I need to take a few minutes for ‘fun me time’ doing something that makes me happy. Take this with a grain of salt, there are a lot of things that make me happy each day¬†but developing my hobbies and personal interests is something that I’m learning more about as life is very busy! What are the things you want to share with others, with children, with your bestest of friends? I always admire those who are talented in various areas (cooking, music, sports, arts,¬†etc.)¬†– they are experiencing all that life has to offer! And, well, that’s what I’m learning is that while I can go about my day-to-day tasks I want to make sure I’m taking advantage of all that I’ve been given, and that I continuously develop my talents, skills and keep growing and pushing myself.

Mickey Mouse Sketch :)

BECOME: So, have you all decided what you are going to do to take a few minutes to have ‘fun’ each week for you?! I¬†just started working on this¬†but I took on a challenge to spend “x” minutes each week doing a ‘hobby’ that I enjoy. So, one of the things¬†I decided I want to do is to start sketching Disney characters. Here is my first go at it – more to come! I would love to get into water coloring with this! I guess when I’m reflecting on this small lesson, I’m thinking to myself that while this may sound so silly, finding joy in the little things is where great happiness can be found in our lives. “By small and simple things are great things come to pass.” I believe it! So, whatever it is in your life, in your daily/weekly/monthly plans, remember that just taking small steps to improvement is really what counts!¬†You may not recognize what you’re doing¬†each day/week/month,¬†but in the long run you will see it :) So, remember to take time for yourself, keep up with your daily commitments and schedules and stay positive! But remember that this life is a happy life, and we have so many avenues we can channel that happiness and self-improvement through :)