Life Lessons from the Radio ;)

LIVE: So I was driving to work the other morning, turned on the radio briefly, flipping through stations. The radio hosts started talking about the three main things people need in their lives to be happy (according to a study). #1 – To have close relationships. Whether that is with your spouse, friends, family. #2 – To be financially well. Meaning that you are not stressed out constantly by your finances, that you are not worried about having to pay next month’s rent, buy groceries, and so forth. #3 – That you know your purpose in life.

LEARN: It was interesting listening to this being discussed, made me self-reflect :)

#1 – Close relationships are everything. Some relationships we have to work on more than others, but in the end I think we are better off because of the people we associate with and the lessons we learn from each other. We experience all the ups and downs of life – together! We have a support system, close people who help build us up and keep us moving forward.

#2 – If I’m stressed about finances it’s hard to find happiness when my mind is constantly worrying about how I’m going to make a payment and make ends meet. Money is not everything in life. I do believe in the power of self-reliance however – financial independence. If we can financially provide for ourselves, families, and help others – what happiness and peace that can bring and to help relieve any unwanted stress and anxiety.

#3 – Discovering our purpose in life. No big deal, easy peasy right? Haha 😉 This is something I’ve pondered over and over again for myself. And I will always ponder this as a means of continual self-discovery and growth. I thought it was interesting when one of the hosts was sharing that he thought your ROLE is different that your PURPOSE. He was saying, for example, that if you’re a parent, that may be your role but is that your purpose? I’ll leave his comments out there for you to decide; however, I personally think this concept is more intertwined. I’m grateful for my faith and the sense of PURPOSE it gives me in my unique ROLE as a woman on this earth, as a wife, daughter, sister, friend, and contributor to society. I’ve always liked the saying that happiness is a journey, not a destination. I think that this can be applied to discovering our sense of purpose as well. I think it is a journey sometimes, and I’m grateful that I can learn through my unique ROLES in life and find purpose and happiness in them :)

BECOME: Not to sound cheesy basing all this off a radio talk show conversation 😉 haha…. But I do believe great joy can be found in developing relationships with not only close family and friends but those I interact with in various settings. Also by being financially responsible and self-reliant – what am I doing TODAY to support my family, community, others – not only today but in the FUTURE?! I will continually reflect on my unique role and purpose here on this earth, throughout the various stages of my life. I want to BECOME a little bit better each day, I want to live more meaningful and purposeful days :)  Because by doing so, I believe true happiness and joy is found. For me personally, that resolves so much around my faith and my family.