Counting Our Blessings + Serving Others

LIVE: I am so thrilled we have reached the season of Fall! October is my favorite as I feel like the Holiday season is kicking off! Not only do we have tons of birthdays to celebrate in my family this time of year, but Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas! Oh, I just love it :) While I cannot wait to celebrate, I’ve been thinking how blessed we truly are. We live in such a wonderful country! Many of us have caring friends and family, we are able to provide for our basic needs and necessities, we have food and shelter, the opportunity to gain an education, and so much more! We truly have so much to be thankful for :)


Beautiful Country :)

LEARN: Sometimes it’s easy  to complain or focus on the little things that are not going our way (at least I find myself doing that now and again! haha). When I was listening to the General Conference messages shared earlier this month I loved the comment in one of the talks that sometimes we just need to STOP! :) I’ve had a couple experiences recently that have made me reflect on the blessings in my life. While desiring to be/do/become more, to progress, and be my best I’ve been reflecting on how I can serve others as part of that growth and learning in life.

BECOME: A couple experiences I would like to share. I was recently asked to help coordinate for my ward at church the Meals on Wheels service activity. This is the 20th year this is taking place – WOW right?! :) So one of the things I learned about the Meals on Wheels program is that many of the homebound seniors do not receive any gifts from family or friends at Christmas time. This breaks my heart! I’ve had my sweet grandparents pass away within the last couple years, and also had the opportunity to visit my Great Grandpa just a few months ago who is 102 years old. Having the opportunity to visit my Grandma and Great Grandpa in care facilities it opened my eyes a lot, not only seeing them but the other seniors in the care facilities. My wish is that they never feel alone and forgotten and I’m grateful for the opportunity to assist with the Meals on Wheels program through my church. Christmas gifts are being collected each Sunday in the ward to then be delivered to home bound seniors at Christmas time! How sweet is that? :) If you’re in the Colorado area I encourage you to give a small gift if able :)


My Great Grandpa – Turned 102 this year! :)



Meals on Wheels Christmas Service project! :)


Gift ideas :)

One of the other areas where I want to serve more is helping children and families in need. There are so many ways to do this, and so many opportunities out there! One of the organizations near and dear to my heart is the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. You can learn more about the foundation and ways you can help by checking out this link Reliv Kalogris Foundation. Earlier this summer when I attended International Conference we were the recipient of hand made cards from the children in various feeding centers. It was so awesome to see the change! Each of us, including myself, have an opportunity to be the change. The foundation has distributed over $42 million in nutritional support, supported more than 270 feeding programs, and has fed over 42,000 impoverished people daily since 1995! So amazing!! While I have not yet had the opportunity to travel to see the blessings the Reliv Kalogris Foundation is bringing to these sweet children, I am grateful for the opportunity to donate and raise awareness for this great cause!



Handmade Cards Made by These Sweet Children at the RFK Center in the Philippines!




RFK Building Projects

What can I do today to help those around me – near and far? I can see the good in life and do my best to contribute my time, efforts, and income to those who need it most! Where much is given, much is required and I hope that I can BECOME a little more service oriented – not only for this season of the year – but always. :)